Step 1 Lenders

We are so excited you contacted us to start looking for your new home. We have learned a few things that make this less scary  and more smooth and fun. So over the next few weeks we will get you ready step by step to find your home. The first thing that is the scariest but the most important before you even look at your first house is to get pre-approved. People always ask why and the answer is you are going to fall in love with a house it is inevitable  and if we check everything before that we will find out if you need to pay this little thing off or need to save up $ 200 more dollars to qualify. If we don't do it that way you fall in love with a house and lose it cause these things come up and you have no time to fix them. Then the rest of your home buying experience is going to be comparing to the one you lost. We don't want that to happen that is why we are going to direct you the correct way to find a home.
In most cases you are buying a mortgage not a house. Getting the money straight and loan started are key to a smooth process. The house is the easy part. We believe that taking a little time in the beginning to do it the right way will save you from losing your dream home in the end.
Click here for a few of our preferred lenders.

They are preferred because they have proved themselves time and time again. We also believe that you should get pre-qualifed by at least 2 lenders. It is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and we believe if you get approved by 2 lenders they will give you better price knowing that they are competing for your business